CANNABIS MARCH April 20th, 2002 Washington, D.C.
Cannabis March 2002

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The March
We would like to invite all of you to join us this April in Washington, D.C. to show your support for the legalization of Marijuana.
We do not plan for this event to be a formal "march." We do not want to demand anything from the government. We would like this to be more like a "gathering." We would simply like to peacefully represent the number of Americans who use Marijuana for any of its uses.
We need as many people as possible for this event to be successful. No matter what "walk of life" you come from, we need you to be there. The government won't want to listen to just a bunch of "Generation X Potheads". (Please do not take offense...many of our friends fall into that category.) We need to TRULY represent America...lawyers, doctors, students, drop-outs, the rich, the poor, and so on and so on.
We have the Constitutional right to peaceful demonstration. If you would like to form picket lines, you are more than welcome, but please keep it under control. We plan to just be there, with our pipes, bags, and good spirits.
Ever Thought About This?
* How many people do you think would quit smoking cigarettes if Marijuana was legalized?
Considering that Marijuana still has not been linked to cancer, wouldn't it be smarter to smoke a joint than a cigarette?

* How many things can be made out of this plant?
Paint, mops, carpeting, bread, linens, shampoo, tents, PVC, lubricants, hats, furniture, clues, fiberboard, cement, animal bedding, luggage, coffee filters, detergents, flour, rope, stationery, fish nets, magazines, jeans, lip balm, ink, ice cream, erosion control, fire hoses, curtains, cosmetics, resins, wallpaper, soaps, wallboard, salves, frisbies, compost, lamp oil, cellophane, cheese, boots, awnings, polimers, pillows, plaster, tiles, varnishes, yarns, dynamite, cushions, chipboard, telephone books, quilts, pharmaceuticals, kick sacks, CO2, mositerizers, towels, caulking, bird seed, bags, shirts, upholstery, twine, roofing materials, pet food, news paper, and much more.

* How much money can the government make by legalizing Marijuana and taxing it in a similar fashion to tobacco?
By selling Marijuana in its above uses, as well as for smoking pleasure, seems to us that it would be a multi-million dollar industry.

* How much would the drug-crime stop?
Think about this one. Marijuana is legalized. It can ba purchashed through any local convenience store (if you are of age) or simply picked out of your backyard garden. Cuts out the need for Marijuana dealers. Those that would still try to deal would eventually be taken out because of the lack of demand.

* Ever thought that Marijuana IS a gateway drug?
Maybe its being tagged as "illegal" leads users into other areas. Maybe that's because they're thinking "I can either smoke a joint and go to jail, or I can buy some heroin and go to jail." To the human mind both of these are illegal. If you're going to jail, why not do something a little more exciting to wind up there? (This is strictly our opinion. We have no scientific research to back us up or anything.)???

* Do you know of ANYONE who has overdosed on Marijuana?
We can't think of any.

* Did you think Marijuana could make a car go?
On July 4, a 1983 Mercedes Benz diesel station wagon reconverted to run on biodiesel fuel made from industrial hemp hit the road for a 10,000 mile trip around the U.S. (Reported to get around 27 miles per gallon.)
"The first known hemp car - after the initial Ford Model T - was developed by the late inventor and friend of HT, Louie Wishinski, who drove his Volkswagen Rabbit up Pike's Peak on hemp fuel in 1994." (Columbus Dispatch, July 24. Also published in Dec. 2001 Hightimes.)
Helping Out
We have received a lot of emails from people wanting to know what they can do to help out. ANYTHING you choose to do is a help. Here are some suggestions:
1. Print out and distribute fliers. Feel free to copy ours or design your own.
2. If you're on a related website and notice that this event has not been posted, feel free to do so.
3. We need volunteers to help organize transportation for groups in their area. If you would be interested, please contact us.
4. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Mention it in chat rooms. However you choose. Let's make sure every person knows about this.
5. Contact your local news station.
6. Contact your local activist group and inform them. We would like to have as many groups as possible there.
We would like to thank everyone for the support and help that we are receiving.
We do need people to speak at this event. However, due to the fact that we are not multi-millionares and respectfully do not ask for donations, we do not have the money to rent stage equipment. If you would like to speak, please contact us.

If you know any interesting facts and would like to share them with us, please contact us.

If we unite as one, we will be heard.